Monday, March 7, 2011

Has Spring Srung?

Today felt a lot like the beginning of spring. Birds singing, plants popping out of the ground or budding, eyes itchy...well not so itchy yet. Trying this Flucticasone Propionate (say that ten times fast) the doc gave me. Suppose to harden the inside of your nostrils so the pollen won't penetrate and trigger the histamine or some such shite. It also gives you nosebleeds, headaches and Elephant Man style tumors on your forehead (just kidding...about the tumors). I tried acupuncture a few years ago and that lessened the symptoms, but at $40 a session- it's cheaper to get chemicals from the doc at the clinic. Man...gotta love how bad the American Medical Industrial Complex™ sucks! I'm moving to Europe (I wish).

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