Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rat Rod Rockers! Pre-Order Sales

Signing and shipping all the pre-orders for Rat Rod Rockers! today. After removing the shrink wrap- I signed and numbering each of the first few hundred DVDs. People seem to like the historical aspect of anything signed and numbered. I set aside disc #001 for my wife- since she has been instrumental in all my creative projects. She never complains about any of it and is always willing to help on the set or in the studio. I love her immensely. After I signed the discs, I put a postcard in each case and closed it up, then put in boxes or envelopes to be addressed and shipped. This took all day with nearly a hundred pre-orders! Extremely good for a small operation like myself, with a very limited advertising budget. At the Post Office- I hogged up the clerk for at least a half an hour. I could almost feel the a burning on the back of my skull from all the Post Office patrons glaring at my backside while they were stuck in the ever growing line behind me. Patience is a virtue people.

Between signing and mailing Rat Rod Rockers! DVDs, I began extensive updates and redesigns of the Go-Kustom website(s). Man...the site is an outdated mess! I need to streamline the site and have a concise way to connect the multiple areas for easy navigation. This may take days...

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