Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chopper Chicas Movie Poster

Spent the whole day working on the pre-production version of the Chopper Chicas movie poster. I think the final image is very strong. The original photo by Shannon Brooke was incredible. I tried to tread very lightly on her image. Graphically I used some old metal finishes for the "Chopper Chicas" wording, adjusting the hues to match the actresses skin tones, then desaturated and slightly lightened the background to pull the actresses out front. This is a two part process in Photoshop, first making duplicate layers, completely cropping out the background of the upper layer, adjusting the background layer and then reassembling the two layers. The first go round with this process killed the shadows on the shop floor, so I ended up with a third "shadow" layer. Of course all told I had 32 layers in the .psd file before I was done.

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