Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kustom Kulture Fest 2011

On the Ferry to Kingston, WA.
D.A. at the vendor table
The wife and I headed out early (tho not as early as we initially intended) for the Kustom Kulture Festival in Silverdale, WA. The festival promoters had asked us to screen Rat Rod Rockers! in the early evening. Even with the crappy cold rainy weather, the Silverdale Hotel grounds where the festival was being held were full of people and cars. We setup our vendor booth right across from the outdoor stage and chatted with the passers by. We had lots of interest in our wares, with excellent DVD and shirt sales. The bands started early with Angie And The Car Wrecks (who's drummer didn't show), followed by The Hard Money Saints, The Graceland 5, The Rockets, Tumbledown and finally Three Bad Jacks. Between band sets, various pin-up models took the stage for an extensive multi-part pin-up contest. One festival promoter said over 2,100 people came despite the weather. We eventually decided not to screen Rat Rod Rockers! as the weather was getting worse and I couldn't see setting up our 20x10 projection screen to show the film in a down pour. The promoters agreed. We talked about screening next year, but indoors in one of the hotels convention rooms. Roy Kay Trio was playing in the hotel that night and we were tempted to rent a room and stay over, but decided to head home jst before sundown. Even with the weather it was a very good day.

Dodge Powerwagon

Angie & The Car Wrecks
Graceland 5

One of my faves at the show

Look how dark the sky got

On the Ferry home

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Rockit said...

D.A. it was great having you at the shot. Thanks for the wonderful review of the festival. sorry we weren't able to show Ratrod Rockers. Your on for next year though!! It was an amazing day in spite of the weather. Thanks to all of our great fans.