Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reason & Record Software

Just dropped $169.00 to upgrade my Reason 4 software and get Record as part of the deal. This is for my MacBook Pro setup. On my G4's I was running (believe it or not) Cubase SE as my main recording software. I had actually downgraded from Cubase VST 5 because SE was an OS X program and ran video fairly well. When I tried setting my TASCAM US-428 up with Cubase SE on my new (to me) laptop I kept running into recording errors- so I figured now was the best time to try something new. Record has some great Line 6 sound effects and since I use Reason quite often, the move should be relatively painless. I also use Soundtrack Pro sometimes for the great Spacial Reverbs. As a music composer Reason is an incredible piece of kit and I have been using it religiously since Reason 2.0. The biggest plus with this new setup is being able to record on site, both for film and for live style recording sessions. For example- we have two nice upright pianos in our Arts School Auditorium. With this mobile recording studio- I just setup the laptop next to the piano, plug in a few mics, put on some headphones and record. I can record in halls, on the beach, in a car, where ever. I guess the question is will my new laptop set-up tempt me to abandon all my outboard gear? Time will tell.

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