Thursday, May 19, 2011

New (To Me) Laptop

Just took delivery of a used Macbook Pro 1.83G Intel CoreDuo laptop. Cost me just over $800 from Spent all afternoon yesterday loading in software and moving files between my other two G4 towers. I am going to donate Thing 2 (a G4 500) to the family so both kids can Facebook at the same time. What I didn't know was the Intel Macs can't run OS9 in Classic (or at all). I have tons of older software that I still use for file conversions, etc. Guess I am gonna have to slowly shell out some green to update all my vintage software. The coolest thing about going mobile is being able to work on screenplays, edit film and record music anywhere. I also bought a  TASCAM US-100 so I will have a truly mobile recording setup. Just add mics and go!

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