Sunday, July 22, 2012

Go-Kustom TV @ Slaughterhouse Car Show 2012

"You are watching Go-Kustom TV!"

So after packing our portable (20 foot by 10 foot) outdoor projection screen, projection gear and vendor gear, the wife and I headed over to Monroe, Washington for the Rat Bastards Car Club Annual Slaughterhouse Car Show. The show is held at Monroe River Valley Farm, which is a great place to have an event or car show. Lots of outdoor parking, beer and wine bar, large stage on the back of the main building and easy access. Besides selling our Go-Kustom wares, I was filming for Go-Kustom TV most of the day. I forgot my external mic tho, and only attempted to interview a few car owners because of the background noise. Mics on camera tend to pick up everything and can make it difficult to hear the interviewees speech. Still I collected hours of event footage, including the pin-up contest (which I was also a judge for) and a promo spot with Kitty Mansfield for GK TV- "You are watching Go-Kustom TV!" After the awards ceremony for Best Hot Rod, etc., etc., a handful of Rat Bastards (and photographer Ralph Gayle- who was there to show me his photo shoot with Kitty Mansfield for an article I am writing) put together my behemoth outdoor screen. This took nearly an hour. After the sun went down we showed some music videos and a film on the big screen. The Rat Bastards brought the pop corn for the dozen or so stragglers that stayed for the movie. It felt like a real, mini-drive-in. Every time I do one of these outdoor screenings, I start thinking about how cool it would be to open a Drive-In Theater, but with a Kustom Kulture twist. Like a car show with bands during the day and then old B-Movies every weekend evening all summer long. Maybe even iPad projection onto mobile devices as well as the big screen. It could work! 

Pin-Up Finalists. Kitty Mansfield (middle) was the winner.

My wife and I camped out at the farm, so we could avoid a late night drive home then early return to tear down the screen. Putting the screen up is the hard part, taking it down only takes two people a half hour. We got home at 6 AM and slept in until nearly noon. Nice. 

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