Monday, August 13, 2012

Go-Kustom TV @ Prison Break 2012 Monroe, WA

Joe Leppado preparing for a run

Brent Hanson & Emily Keenholts after a run

A lone Rat Truck

Sasquach originally built by Kim Fischer's brother

After Kim's brother passed, she eventually re-acquired it,
then her husband Jess, completely rebuilt it

Kim Fischer talks about her Monster Truck Sasquach
Went out to Monroe, Washington to film the second annual Prison Break 4x4 event at the Monroe Adventure Park, which is actually right next to the prison (hence the name). Gorgeous hot weather, typical for August in the Northwest. We had been invited out by Joe Leppado who owns the Sand Rat we first saw at the Rat Bastards Slaughterhouse Car Show a few months back. We (family) had a blast watching the rock crawl, mud bogs, sand drags and obstacle course runs. We also strapped a GoPro to a few cars during the event, including Joe's rig for some hill climbs and solo sand drag runs and Bret Hanson's Toyota during one of his obstacle course runs. We also interviewed Kim Fischer about her husband and her Sasquach Monster Truck. Jess (her husband) even took my wife and kids for a run around the grounds in the trucks bed! We will definitely be heading back there next year!

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