Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hot Rod Girls Save The World More Screens For DVD

This Special Features disc has been one of the most difficult DVD authoring projects I have yet attempted. I want to make sure I get as much interesting facts and information on the disc as possible, so I don't have to go back and redo it in a few years. besides adding a brief town history for Anywhere, Washington, I was able to add zoom features to the Anywhere map page. It's a bit wonky, but works. Strange how much different DVD code reacts than html code.

Also got a call from my mechanic- blown head gasket on the Ford Escort. $1,100! Nursed it home and parked it. Maybe next month. The GMC Van (aka Big Bertha) has been leaking coolant like a sive. I think I located the leak source, but don't have the tools to get under the van and over the transmission, where the secondary heater hoses run to the second heating unit (it is a big big van). I will have my mechanic look tomorrow. I have been able to keep it from overheating (like it did a few nights back when I was trying to go to EMP for a friends screening), by filling the radiator directly (not the overflow box) before I run it. It takes about half a gallon each time! This gives me enough run time to take the kids to school and get back without overheating.

To top it off yesterday I was in a hurry to pick up my son. A little putt putt car cut me off and so I tried to go around. I could not get back into the turn lane so I bolt ahead of the line and was able to quick cut two lanes into the turn lane. But guess who I cut in front of (not dangerously close- just abruptly). An undercover Police SUV! The Officer comes up to the van and says, "Any weapons in that rig?" Trying to be funny I say, "Not today Officer." Then he says, "Well do you have a concealed weapons permit for when you do?" I told the Officer I was joking and he took my license- but I couldn't find my insurance card! I gave him All States number, but he couldn't get the info on the Police Car phone so he wrote me a "No Insurance Ticket"! $500! So now I have to go to court and show my little card, waste my afternoon, and still have to pay $150 of the $500 fine. When it rains it pours people.

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