Saturday, February 20, 2010

Model Kit Score!

Got two 1/25th scale 1968 Dodge Chargers in the mail today (ordered a week ago). Later at Fred Meyers I stumbled across a 1968 Ford Mustang. One of the Chargers will become an Intergalactic Muscle Car. The other will probably end up as a Roadster Concept. Not sure about the Mustang, but they are one of my favorite cars so I had to buy it. Also got a little work on the iGTO (Intergalactic GTO) and my 1967 Dodge Challenger Concept. Had some extra time on my hands as I was waiting for my computer to upload the Best Of Go-Kustom TV Volume 1 & 2 to These uploads take 3 hours each with a standard DSL connection. Yesterday I almost completed the Killing Machine music video featuring Super Amanda. Only a few details and holes to fill. Also decided to release yet a third version of Hot Rod Girls Save The World next week. An original festival version with an intermission break at the one hour point. I think the intermission worked really well at our first screening back in 2008. I found the original tapes and want to recreated it on DVD. This will be a Hot Rod Girl Save The World (Festival Version) with the Special Features disc.

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