Monday, February 22, 2010

Social Media Flow Chart

This is the basic set-up I am currently using to express myself on the intranets. This type of set-up may be obvious to many, but ya know, maybe not so much. The direct flow is to the right on the little schematic I made. Blip.FM to Twitter to Facebook. This is great if I am playing pretend DJ (Blipping my own songs at times) as everything that hits Twitter goes downstream to Facebook (my one-two punch!). I only "catch up" on Facebook and do most of my "Socializing" on Twitter. Blip is great for musicians who want to get their music out there to the booty shakin' public. You can request to upload files directly to Blip- but it has to be approved by management first. I own a record label so they allowed me to upload part of my catalog that way. I also use YouTube to get my songs online in high quality for internet radio stations and searches. You just add a cover art pic over the audio, upload to YouTube and viola- your in business. For film makers this can be a great way to get songs from your movies soundtrack out to the public.

Speaking of YouTube, I set the Autoshare feature up as soon as I opened my Twitter account. Autoshare sends out "announcements" on Twitter, etc. whenever you upload a new video, rate a video or several other things you might be inclined to do on YouTube.

For Blogging I use Blogger (Blogspot whatever they're calling it now). It is relatively easy to link things up on Blogger. I have a little corner with my Tweets on it and a little corner with some YouTube action on it. Hey you can see all that shite right here (if you are viewing this on Blogger). S'allgood.

I am also a member of several Ning sites and love to RSS my blog in the middle of my Ning pages. Same blog all over the frickin' place. I also use all the share, apps and link features to connect as much of my media as possible. You may notice the absence of MySpace on my little flow chart. I have MySpace accounts but found them very ineffective for getting connected to anything but spam and bands looking for record deals. They have also revamped their pages again and I recently lost tons of kustom work I did on my five MySpace pages. I am done with them! The Twitter/Facebook combo is really working best for me right now.

Now of course all these sites are linked to my various Gmail accounts, which I use to monitor the whole Go-Kustom Social Media Circus Show. I have an account for my personal stuff, for my record label, my new publication, etc. Using different Gmail accounts helps you keep it separated.

My Overall Advice-
1. Use the same Avatar Pic on all pages so people can readily identify you (unless your a stalker- skip down to number 3).
2. You can create separate Personal & Company social media pages, but if your like me and your life IS YOUR WORK then don't worry about it. However if all you do is sell sell sell- then you just need company sites. You have no personal life anyhow.
3. Try to use the same "name" for all your social media sites. This may not be possible especially if your shooting for Bob123 or Jimmy321 but at least give it a try. This of course does not apply to lurkers or stalkers as they have multiple names on multiple sites and well...they're just f'n creepy people anyway.
4. Be yourself within your social media circles. Take criticism with a grain (a big grain) of salt. When I first started "Tweeting" this guy started following me and then started criticizing the frequency and length of my posts. I was new so I was like "OK- good advice buddy". Then I started think WTF!?! Who is this dumbass? Then (on purpose) I went on a Tweeting rampage and the guy immediately unfollowed me. Now I have three times the number of followers he does. Bottom line- be yourself.

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