Sunday, March 7, 2010

Freaks Amor (Early 80's)


BOTTOM: Tom, Ric, D.A. & Jack

In the early Eighties I was fortunate enough to join avant-garde/latin/no wave band Freaks Amor, as synthesist, bassist and occasional trombonist. The band was led by artist wildman Ricardo Acevedo. Ric had a pension for bringing people together for both art and music projects. He was a true pioneer in stodgy San Bernardino, CAlifornia where we all resided at the time. I had joined Freaks (named by Ric after an underground novel) fresh outta my punk band Xijix so it was an eye opening experience. With Freaks Amor I learned about maintaining your artistic integrity, even in the face of anti-artistic sentiments. Ric recently did some guest vocal and cover artwork for my project Flathand 5. Still a hell of a talented guy.

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