Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alchohol Can Be A Gas

This whole BP Oil Spill Travesty™ has really driven home (at least for me) the need to get off the black stuff. I have been hearing about David Blume's work on using alcohol as a renewable fuel source for the last few years and have seriously been considering starting my own home fuel production green business. David is a regular guest on Coast To Coast AM (where I first heard his words of wisdom) and his website is at He proposes running most cars on alcohol (any car can run up to 50% alch. without modification) and using various plants and waste products to create the fuel (rather than the standard ethanol model of using corn from huge agricultural corporations). Small stills produce the fuel in community, not at a central location. This creates local jobs and local business. It really is a solution to our gasoline dependency- but will people put the effort into making it happen?

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