Sunday, June 27, 2010

Go-Kustom Portable Drive-In

Right after we finished packing up the booth at Greenwood Car Show yesterday (around 5PM), we had to head home, unload, reload the projector and P.A. equipment and head out to Renton, WA. for Ted Sled's Annual Pig Roast and Car Show that he hosts at his spacious home property. We had gone out and built our projection screen Friday, so projection setup was quick. Just run power cords from the house, hook up the projector and when the sun went down play Hot Rod Girls Save The World. It really felt like a mini-drive in. I ran the sound through my 1,200 watt P.A. system. Ultimately I want to transmit the audio through an AM radio transmitter, so people can sit in their cars and listen through their own cars sound systems. I bought a radio transmitter kit last year but screwed up the soldering job (never was that good with a soldering gun). I plan on eventually buying an assembled 1 mile radio transmitter to complete my portable drive-in. There were dozens of cars in the projection area and a fair number of viewers. It was a party tho and people would bounce between our film and a band playing in the back of the house. Still we had a good time despite being tired from the 4AM wake up and then being attacked by hordes of Renton mosquitoes.

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