Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inland Empire

First off let me say I love everything David Lynch does. I am biased to his brilliance as an artist and director and even joined his pay website for a time (actually it was a very cool birthday present from my wife). However, I have not seen several of his films after Blue Velvet and Inland Empire has been on my "watch" list for years. I didn't read any reviews for the film, I went in blind, which I think is always best when viewing art. Artistic films are meant to stretch the meanings and concepts we have about the film medium. Inland Empire is no exception. It starts off with a Polish Gypsy Cursed film being remade with actress playing an actress Laura Dern as the broken heroine. She gets lost within her own world manipulated by a controlling husband, the half dream world of the Polish Gypsys, the world of the On Stage Rabbit People, the world of the film characters she is portraying and the world of the previously cursed and murdered actors from the original film she is attempting to remake. It is confusing, frustrating, tenacious, invigorating, gorgeous, repetitive, disturbing and extremely artistic. At nearly three hours long it is an emotional marathon. After watching Inland Empire nobody better say my film, Hot Rod Girls Save The World is "too long" again. In closing all I can say is- now I must buy this film.

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