Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Munster Style - New Jessica Rose Photos

These just came in from Jessica Rose for Issue One of Munster Style.

Says Jessica "this shoot was inspired by the title of your publication and we found people we knew or had worked with before to make up like the cast, it was shot on Sunday with the hearse and was a very fun shoot with a fun group of people!"

©2011 J Rose Photography. (L-R) Betty Bree as "Marilyn Munster", Albert Matus as Grandpa Munster, Al Pricing as "Herman Munster", Simon Peters as "Eddie Munster" (age 10) and Babydoll as "Lily Munster".

Hair/Makeup Credits for group: Betty did her own hair and makeup, Babydoll's hair by Melissa Harris, her makeup by Frances all 3 of the male model's makeup by Mischa Friend.

©2011 J Rose Photography.

©2011 J Rose Photography. Model: Babydoll and Munster prop created by Michael Del Rossa, Hearse provided by Cleve Hall, makeup by Frances, hair by Melissa Harris.

©2011 J Rose Photography.

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