Friday, January 28, 2011

Evil Undead Girlfiend & Rat Rod Rockers!

Big day yesterday. Completed the Evil Undead Girlfiend Teaser Trailer and got the link for tickets to the big Rat Rod Rockers! Seattle Premiere & DVD Release Party set. Also found out a national magazine is covering our Rat Rod Rockers! Seattle Premiere. I was contacted by the writer/photographer. Now if we can get the local TV and Newspapers interested, this could be a serious springboard for this film. It really deserves the attention. So now I need to drop the trailers onto the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD and touch up the audio and then send the masters off to the DVD pressing plant. I also need to revamp the Evil Undead Girlfiend website with the new Trailer and updated graphics. I need an intern!

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