Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rat Rod Rockers! DVD

Made a 16:9 Widescreen version of the Evil Undead Girlfiend Teaser Trailer as well as my older movie trailers for the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD. I ended up using Compressor to crop and export the files from the original .mov files. Then I added them to the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD with an autostart and First Play Action directed at the trailers on their own track. This will start the trailers before the DVD Main Menu pops up. I know that can be annoying if a DVD has multiple trailers and previews on it, but I added a chapter marker so you can skip one of the two trailers then fast forward the second to quickly get to the Main Menu. These are all things to consider when authoring commercial DVDs. Later I began consolidating Rat Rod Rockers! audio tracks in submix groups. This makes mixing much easier.

Also authored some Evil Undead Girlfiend Promo Trailer DVDs, wrote a song for the Ivan Calls Danika scene in Rat Rod Rockers!, finished an article I was writing about Pin-Up Nikki Dodge and spray painted (in primer) the seats, dash and steering wheel of my 1/25th scale 1956 Dodge Gasser Hearse "Meat Wagon."

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