Tuesday, September 11, 2001


A friend called our house this morning at 7:15 AM Pacific Time, hysterical saying planes were falling out of the sky and the Pentagon was in flames. I didn't believe her at first. She said, "turn on the news...it's all over the TV."I handed the phone to my wife and turned on the TV. The first thing I saw was the World Trade Center broken in half and then the screen cut to the Pentagon on fire. My wife came back into the living room. I looked at the TV in disbelief.I had to turn it off. Turned it back on a few minutes later. How do I explain this to my kids. They think it's a movie, it doesn't sink in. I've been in a daze all day. It doesn't sink in to me. I can't get my head around the whole thing. People celebrating in the streets of Palestine while people crawl out of buildings in New York. It doesn't seem real. There are no commercials on most TV stations. This doesn't seem real.

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