Sunday, September 23, 2001

Teen Feeding Frenzy!

Busy weekend. Courtney Hudak and her band came by to record a cover of 'N Sync's song Girlfriend for the upcoming Teen Feeding Frenzy! compilation. The band tracked Saturday afternoon and Courtney and her brother Alex came by today to finish the vocal and acoustic guitar overdubs. Haven't mixed it yet but it is an excellent addition the the rest of the CD. I also did some guitar work for my wife's band OmBili's cover of LaBamba for the same CD. Both songs are the last ones for the disc and both should be mixed by middle of next week. Unrelated to recording...

I heard a guy on the radio the other night who had written a book about the cycles of generations. How one generation helps to define the generations around it. How we are in the same cycle as the 1930's generation moving into a war (like WWII).It made sense. Then a commercial came on with a man screaming about savings and coming to his mattress outlet and I thought,"This commercial must have been made before the Terrorist attacks." It irritated me, as if the guy was saying,"I don't give a fuck if thousands of people died and we're on the edge of a war...come on down and spend your money!"We are all going to have to find a new media language. The old one doesn't work anymore. Thousands of people died.Thousands more were injured. How can some idiot in a commercial say anything other than "I'm sorry...this shit sucks!" This writer guy on the radio (not commercial guy) said that if we are in the cycle he thinks we are in- that the concept of "celebrity" will fade. When a society has to turn it attention to survival (physical as well as economic) who cares what "celebrities" are doing. Who cares if Madonna got a new dress that cost 1/4 of a mill or that one of the Back Street Boys has a drinking problem And we all know that without an audience "celebrity's" don't exist. They don't get money to make big hit records or buy new homes or star in that latest blockbuster. If the economy tanks, we can't support them.Most of us will be scappin' for food and rent. We'll have to wait and see how this turns out.

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