Saturday, September 8, 2001

Her Trembling Hands

Arranged Her Trembling Hands (2001). Got Courtney Hudak's vocals all set and adjusted, and now I just need to mix it. All that's left to complete the Kill Switch...Klick-Almost Ambient CD is this song and Lost Like Innocence. Such a beautiful day and I'm inside working on the computer. The artists sacrifice. Speaking of artist sacrifice, my wife's performance troupe OmBili played at the Newcastle Festival today. I didn't go(working on the album and watching the kids). She came home with her feet in bandages, seems that the wood stage she was dancing barefoot on got extremely hot and she suffered 2nd degree burns on the bottom of her feet.She didn't realize how hot it was until she stopped dancing and finished the performance. Another member of her group called the paramedics over, who said it was pretty bad, wrapped her feet in bandages and told her she shouldn't stand for prolonged periods for several days. Now that's sacrifice!

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