Sunday, September 16, 2001

Hold The Vocals

Went over and dropped off a box of CDR's to Bill Wolford to master into the Teen Feeding Frenzy! CD.Looks like it'll have to be a real late 2001 release or early 2002. I still need to get two more tracks to him in the coming weeks to finish it, but at least this way he can get started loading it all into his computer. Mastering is a complicated process in which all the audio tracks on a CD are polished, normalized and eq'ed to give the album a finished sound. This is especially challenging when you have many tracks recorded by different bands,in different studios. Bill did a great job on the Hold The Vocals... compilation, and know he'll make this one sound real purty. I also worked on my vocal tracks for Lost Like Innocence. I'm only backing Jennifer Hope's vocals on the chorus, but I couldn't get the right sound. Sometimes the devil is in the details. I'm also slowly building my inspirational steam after watch CNN all week and thinking about planes falling out of the sky and terrorists and New York and... now it's time to turn in.

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