Saturday, September 29, 2001

KEXP Rockabilly Ball

09/29/01- Spent the afternoon cleaning the old guitars and slambar. I was going to go to the KEXP Rockabilly Ball today at the Tractor Tavern but I threw my back out on Thursday. I injured my back working on the dock at the University Bookstore a few years ago (yea- I still have a part-time day job...all is not fun and games in the life of a working musician) and now it seems it doesn't take much to re-injure it. We had planned on shooting some footage for the Go-Kustom TV Show, but I'm just not feeling up to it. Still it's cool of KEXP (formerly KCMU) to host such an event. Seattle is becoming quite the hotbed for Alternative Country, Roots Rock and Rockabilly bands. I've always had a soft spot for the stuff, even though electronic music is my main interest. As far as recording goes, I've finished Courtney Hudak's & OmBili Troupe's songs for the Teen Feeding Frenzy! CD. I'm hoping to get this one out by early next year. It takes several months to get everything ready for a proper CD release. You have to send out promo copies and radio copies and get the distribution all set. It's alot of work, but it's what I love to

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