Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rat Rod Rockers! Stills From Sept 18th Shoot 5

The most dangerous part about yesterdays filming was having Becky Lee run between the two cars after flagging them. It's how they did it in the fifties and sixties, but could be dangerous. Especially since Becky was in six inch heels, running full speed between two tire spinning drag cars. Both drivers were seasoned drag racers, but we were on a race track with a slight bank. The straight away is 1/8 mile long at Evergreen Speedway. During the end of the Speedway location shoot I was filming the cars doing burn outs close-up and almost got hit by one of the cars. Chunks of rubber were pelting my legs. Word to the wise- never wear shorts when filming burn outs!

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Garrett said...

Very cool footage. Style points all around, nice images.