Friday, September 25, 2009

Last Minute Preparation For Big Filming Sat-Sun

Got up fairly early and began mapping my shot lists for Rat Rod Rockers! This is something new- I'm trying to get basic camera angles set-up on a location map that I pre-create. The location is an old abandoned house on several wooded acres only a few blocks from my own house. I set the shoot up with the home owner through the real estate agent. Had to get location insurance and pay a small fee to the home owner, but it is worth it. The way I'm using the map is with numbered camera icons showing the direction of the camera and actors and directions of movement, cars, etc. Then I use highlighters to match map to shot list to script. Sounds complicated but it's not. usually I read each section of the script and set my camera angles up on the fly. We have to get many scenes done in one day so I wanted to take out any on location think time. Lets see. I think I'm ready!

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