Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rat Rod Rockers! Crazy Day Of Filming

Well I woke up this morning to sheets of rain pouring down in North Seattle. We had scheduled a day of outdoor filming for Rat Rod Rockers! and it looked dire. We canceled a Hot Rod scene from the days filming schedule- as the cars owner would have to transport an open toped Hot Rod many miles in the down pour. I decided we should shoot some indoor scenes, one of the few we could with the actor group on hand. We nailed the scene in a few hours and saw there was a lull in the waves of cloud bearing rain. After a quick vote we decided to give an outdoor set of scenes a try and jetted down to a nearby park to shoot an extensive forest chase scene. Special thanks to my family, Charles, Tony and Teri for getting soggy wet and running around in the woods for hours to get all the shots. You guys rock!

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