Friday, April 29, 2011

The Bassist

Got serious about making my bass player documentary yesterday- entitled The Bassist. I begin filming in May 2011 with a special 3-4 minute solo performance of upright bassist Michael Marcus. This will be a stand alone short film and a center piece of the documentary. Later I will interview him about his views on the bass and gigging with his unique upright (wait 'til you see it). I also sent feeler e-mails and phone calls to many bass players. Hopefully I will get some interest for the project. I also set up a quick stub website page at Took the picture of my newly acquired Ibanez SR300 in the soccer field at our Aats School for the DVD cover and website. Looks pretty damn cool if you ask me. The nice thing about this type of film is, I can spread the filming out over time and around other projects. Right now I am heavily in "Writers Mode" with the Munster Style publication and scripting Evil Undead Girlfiend & Chopper Chicas. I can be flexible with The Bassist film schedule, though I don't want it to drag on for more than a year. Hope to have this in festivals middle or end of 2012.

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