Monday, April 25, 2011

Finding A New Bass Sound

In the search for new bass guitar sounds, I bought these two pedals (tho not from Amazon, but from Musicians Friend). The Boss FRV-1 has a great vintage spring reverb (and thats all it does) tone while the FDR-1 has the old Fender Deluxe amplifier sound (with tremolo and reverb as well). Going to use the pedals primarily with my bass to get a big dub-surf-twang kinda tone. The last thing I am considering is a Boss Loop Station or Harmonist for even more possibilities. I have several multi-effects boxes and pedals, but the problem with those is that they do alot of things fairly well. Having a dedicated "reverb" or "delay" pedal usually gives you more depth to the effect. Both pedals should be delivered by Friday this week.

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