Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rat Rod Rockers! Video On Demand Purchase

Rat Rod Rockers! and Hot Rod Girls Save The World (Kustom Edition) are both available on as a Video On Demand purchase or rental. I started using the VOD services on my Roku internet television device last year and really, really dig it. For example I just finished watching the entire Farscape TV Series last week and the first season of AMC's Walking Dead a few months ago and bop over to Vimeo to watch all the strange high quality short films once a month. With Amazon, Netflix, Vimeo and Hulu on the Roku you have alot of options (not to mention Pandora and all the strange underground internet Webseries and TV Shows). You can also connect to Amazon VOD with a Boxee or TiVo or download the videos to your mobile devices (like an iPad). I can say first hand that films look excellent on the Roku and set-up was super simple. I am starting to amass a collection of films in my Amazon VOD Library. All you need is a TV and a high speed internet connection to use your Roku anywhere. I could take my Roku to a friends house and watch all my films there. The Roku is robust and about as big as two DVD cases.

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