Friday, September 14, 2012

Battles With Satan (AKA Bank Of America)

When I went to bed I had $0.42 in the account and was ready to close it
the next day. The next morning the Maintenance Fee slid in front of the
two other transactions to makethe account go negative. Great way to
make a buck on your unsuspecting customers?
So for the millionth time one of my B of A accounts (we have- had two business and one personal) has crossed into negative land because of their odd accounting tally methods, hidden charges and moving date maintenance fees. In this case, the "Monthly Maintenance Fee" mysteriously moved from it's normal date of 15th or 16th of the month to the 12th. Why? because I told them I was closing the account and had pulled all the money out, down to 42 cents. When I went to close the account the gal said I had to wait until some things were "fully processed" before I could close the account. The next morning bam! the Monthly Maintenance Fee hits three days early and the account is overdrawn. Now I haven't called yet to see if they will reverse the overdraft fee or not, but any case- WTF! We opened a Credit Union account last year and just haven't gotten around to using it much...until now. Right before this happened, I had a similar incident on one of my business accounts and had decided to close all the B of Satan accounts and had begun using the Credit Union more. Now all our accounts are moving. Goodbye Bank Of Satan!

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