Friday, September 7, 2012

Rats & Gassers Filming

Had an amazing afternoon filming Tom Sanders Rat Truck, first by mounting GoPros on it while he drove around town, and then going out to the airport to film him making multiple passes by my HD camera. After that, we headed over a nearby gravel pit to film some additional B-Roll and to shoot pictures with the uber leggy pin-up model Shelbi Fahrney. This set was for an article I am writing about Tom's truck. I can't post pics, because this was for a national magazine. Needless to say- Shelbi rocked the set! Big thanks to Tom for setting up the gravel pit location and of course providing his bad ass truck. This was also my first stab at print magazine photography. Obviously it is a bit different than filming for a feature or documentary. Photography is capturing the world in a second, video is capturing the event and emotion over a period of time. Still framing subject, lighting effects, etc are similar. I am loving my new Canon 7D!

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