Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reason 6.5 & deGenerate

Just did the free upgrade to Reason 6.5. Most who read my blog know I really dig Reason. One of the most liberating music programs ever invented. Some musicians hate it because of the lack of talent required to make an outstanding "sounding" track. However just because a song incorporates all kinds of big fat squelchy synths and over the top drum samples, doesn't mean it will inspire or be all...not even a little bit...kapeesh?  Computers are a tool, nothing more. If you have no soul, there is no known program or app to fix your lack thereof. For exploration of sonic possibilities, computers reign supreme. I started doing music concrete and basic electronica back in 1983. I saw the rise and fall of MIDI, the Atari Sequencer years, the Laptop Revolution. Now we are entering the iMusic era, with small handheld iDevices running apps with the power to write and record multitrack, CD quality songs.

Years ago I entered a contest to design the "Instrument Of The Future." This competition was put on by Future Music Magazine. I did not win, but did get honorable mention in the magazine. My instrument was called the "VTMC 3 " and was supposed to be a one piece headset with microphone, that you put on and spoke/sung your music into. You could hum or sing the tracks, then assign instrument samples to play back what you had just sung into it with the new instrument sounds replacing your singing. There was a visor with a heads-up display and retina tracking so you could add additional functions just by looking at menu items and speaking "Enter". I did a photo shoot with Mark Goetz as part of my presentation for the competition. When I didn't win, I ended up using the pictures for the cover of the Kill Switch...Klick album deGenerate.

Anyway, so Reason 6.5 has some new features and new "Rack Extensions" that can be developed by Third Parties. I am currently testing the Korg Poly 6 Rack Extension which sound incredible. I will post more as I dig into it. 

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