Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Editing and Slide Guitars

Been working on a DVD I shot of my friend's wedding. It was a great ceremony, very modern and cozy. Biggest problems have been the color differences between the GoPro footage (a hidden cam behind the alter), the Panasonic AG-DVX100 and Canon HF-G10. Seems the white balance on the Panasonic looks more "blue" on this footage than the Canon. The Panasonic is SD while the GoPro and Canon are HD, but the GoPro still has it's own color tint to it's sunlit footage. I'm sure as I use this combination more I will figure a default color match system, although I may sell the Panasonic. As good as the audio and overall look of the camera is, it's not HD and (I never thought I'd say this) I prefer shooting in HD.

Now about Slide Guitars- I have two, an acoustic (Hohner with spacer under nut, heavy strings open tuned to Eb) and electric (DeAmond M-65 with spacer under nut, heavier strings open tuned to Bb). I went through a phase of intense Slide Lust back in 2001. I think it was the result of realizing the Slambar instrument I built and played in Kill Switch...Klick, could be emulated (to a degree) on a slide guitar. the last few years I have been consumed with the Hellcat VI (similar to a Fender Bass VI) and vintage 60's garage and surf sounds. A few days ago I heard Left Lane Cruiser on Pandora and fell all over myself. The sound was Slide Guitar based with a serious aggressive update to the old North Mississippi Blues Stylings. Anyway this got me to pullin' down the guitars and trying a few new (to me) licks. I had intended on using my Slides on my new record, now even more so...

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