Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hot Rods, Skulls & Arse Holes

Recently I got into a friendly discussion/argument with a "Traditional Hot Rodder" who said he hated all the "Spiders" and "Skulls" that the "Rat Rodders" placed on their rides. He said they were stupid and not "Traditional" at all. I said that Skulls etc. were around since the beginning of the hobby, but could not remember the car(s) I had seen such on to make my point(s). Well here it is! Norm Grabowski's Kookie Kar...note the Bleeding Skull Shifter! This was a fifties T-Bucket build that was featured in Life Magazine and garnered serious national attention, including the covers of Hot Rod and Car Craft Magazines. It was also regularly seen in the TV Show 77 Sunset Strip. Norm has been making Skull Shift knobs since forever and they are on hundreds of cars and trucks. I realize that opinions are like arse holes, but don't be an arse hole about other peoples rides, especially if you don't know the historical facts. 

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