Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Boomerang Wallet

So after dropping off my daughter at school, my wife and I swung into the Top Foods to grab some coffee and breakfast. As I stepped out of the van, I realized I did not have my wallet. I remembered specifically putting it in my back pocket. So PANICK! We look all around the parking lot. Nothing. Run home and look all around our apartment parking lot. Nothing. Run upstairs and tear through the apartment. Nothing. I had gotten out of the van several times to put windshield washer fluid in it. I figured it had fallen out at that point. Maybe a kid going to the school bus ad picked it up? The bus picks them up only a few yards from where I was parked. I didn't know. Anyway I had to take my wife to work. After I dropped her off, I called my bank and blocked my debit card. Drove back to our apartment and asked the building manager if anyone had turned in a wallet. Nothing. OK- so now I need to go get my drivers license replaced. My birth certificate is somewhere in storage. Tis is gonna be fun. As I am driving to storage my cell rings. I usually don't answer it while driving, but for some reason did. A man named Bob is talking to me. "Is this D.A. Sebasstian?" I think it's someone calling about my TV Show. I give out hundreds of cards a month and get calls from strangers all the time. "Yes it is," I say. "Hey guy, I have your wallet." I almost rear ended the car in front of me. 
"No shit!?!"  
"Yep, found it in the street. I am a truck driver you know."
"I am making a delivery to the 7-11 off Aurora, if you can meet me there I can give it to you."
"I'm on my way!"
The cool thing was, I was already heading in that direction to go to my storage unit. I sped down to the 7-11 and his truck was still parked there with the lift gate down. I ran in and saw Bob standing in line to buy some food. 
"Bob? I asked.
"Yep, buying some breakfast....I always like 7-11 taquitos for breakfast."
It was 11 AM.
"Here let me get those for you," I said offering my wife's debit card (she had given me hers since I blocked mine). 
"No that's OK," said Bob, "no need- a good deed is it's own reward." 
I offered again, but he shook his head. After Bob bought his toquitos, we walked out to his truck, he open the cab door and pulled my wallet out from behind his seat.
"Here ya go Mr Sebasstian."
"Where did you find it?"
"It was in the middle of the street on 60th, I thought it was a cell phone, so I pulled over and picked it up. Then I saw it was someone's wallet. I went to the address on your Drivers License, but they said you moved. I was about to take it to the Cop Shop, but decided to call the business card you had in there. Lucky for you!"
I thanked Bob several more times then drove home. The only way I can figure it is, when I got out to add the windshield washing fluid to the van, my wallet must have fallen on the drivers side stair step. Then it rode around block after block until it eventually fell off and was found by Bob. Lucky indeed! This in fact was the second time someone found my wallet in the street and returned it to me! The first time was a year ago when it fell out on a side street and a neighbor called my business card. Like a frickin' boomerang.

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