Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hot Rod Movie Bash @ Dante's

The Demolition Kings

Official Go-Girls Kitty Mansfield & Jean Viva

The Resident Kings

Jim Davies (singer) looks at himself on the big screen as
Detective Lloyd- that must be trippy

Sean Burnell (Demolition Kings)  and David J. Nance
(who played Buhgabaa in Hot Rod Girls Save The World)

Sweetpea gets a spankin' from Kitty
Well sometimes things don't go as planned. Last night was one of those times. The bands got pushed back to 10PM, because of the Huskies football game and our turnout was light. I know it was a stretch to get our normal crowd into a sports bar in the University District, but you have to try. The venue was only a few blocks from where Kimberly Lynn Layfield was gunned down and the night was supposed to be a tribute to her by showing Hot Rod Girls Save The World, which she stared in. We had two Go-Girls, Kitty Mansfield and Jean Viva helping out at our merch table, though we didn't sell much of anything. The bands did great, even with our impromptu P.A. system. First up was The Demolition Kings, with a heavy blues rock sound followed by The Resident Kings with a more Cult-like punk sound. We were supposed to show the film after the band, but decided to run it during the bands and then call it a night, especially as the after hours, college kids started showing up. They wanted to dance and drink, not watch Hot Rod Films. I did get some good footage for Go-Kustom TV and it was very cool to catch up some old friends. Live and learn. 

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