Friday, October 26, 2012

ReasonSync Video Player for Reason 6.5

This is the program I have been waiting for! I am an avid Propellerheads Reason user and have always wished there was an easy way to sync video with Reason, especially now since you can record audio directly into the program. I sent an e-mail to the Propellerheads "Suggestion" e-mail inbox saying "why the hell don't you guys support film makers with a video player ap for Reason." They replied saying that a third party already made such an application called ReasonSync! I went to their website and downloaded the program didn't work. The prompt said my older laptop was incompatible with the program. I contacted the company and to my surprise they e-miled me back in a few minutes! Josh Levy who designed the program and owns the company e-mailed me asking details about what was going on with the install. I told him and within a few hours he told me that, in fact, the program was not designed to run on older 32bit configured machines, but he would redesign a version just for me! Well- not just for me, it was also to his benefit since any other older laptop user would have the same issue. Now that's customer service! I got the beta version within 24 hours and it worked flawlessly (so far). Amazing. Now to stress how epic this is for me- much of Rat Rod Rockers! was scored on Reason, but I would have to bounce music tracks between Final Cut Pro, Reason and Cubase. Now I can just take the rough cut video to Reason score and adjust, bounce to Final Cut Pro and I am done! Potentially hours and hours of time saved in editing and scoring!!! Reason has so many cool RackExtensions, Line 6 amp effects, etc. I really prefer it to Pro Tools and Cubase. Best of all ReasonSync is like $30! The website is I highly recommend it!

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