Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old Gear

I bought the KMS-30 and DDM-220 new back in 1984. I found the
Boss DR-55 in an Atlanta music store in 1987. Talked the guy
down from $60 to $40. 
Yamaha CS1x- a very cool synth for the time. Nice fat sounds.
Selling old gear is becoming an addiction for me! I found a cat who collects old analog drum machines and synths and he has bought this batch of kit from me, Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55, Korg KMS-30 MIDI/DIN/TAPE SyncBox (very rare), Korg DDM-220 and my Yamaha CS1x synth. Since I have moved completely to Reason 6.5 as my main recording setup (and before when I was using Cubase VST5 and Reason 4 on my G4 tower) I seldom even turned on the Yamaha nor un-boxed any of my old drum machines. After this last move, I realized how many boxes of stuff I had that...well...sat in boxes. I am going through a purging stage, trying to skinny up my life. Too much not as much. :)

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