Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Interesting Day

So- got up early this morning (like I normally do), around 5:30 AM and ate breakfast, checked our bank accounts on-line, drank some coffee, etc. Then we went into my son's High School Family Counselor (with him) to talk about a few home work issues and what we could all do to help him get the grades up with only one month of school left before summer break. A good meeting. Afterward, the wife and I swung by the post office and picked up a digital camera that thankfully got correctly rerouted and made it to our P.O. Box without incident. Then I dropped the wife at our arts school and proceeded to the local Auto Parts Store to get radiator plugs to bypass my GMC van's leaking heater. The heater core has a major leak and I don't have the time right now to pull the dash and change it out. Worked on the van for an hour, disconnecting and plugging the heater, then dousing the carpets with carpet cleaner and hot water to remove the slimy accumulation of radiator fluids. Man that stuff is messy! After that, got some PCC Deli lunch and ate it with the wifey (yes I bought her lunch too). As I was digesting my lunch, the IRS calls and we talk about some outstanding tax issues, and your never gonna believe this- we actually get the issues partially resolved! Amazing! A few minutes ago I checked the mailbox and my Netflix films arrived (The Road, Evel Knievel: Spectacular Jumps and Red Dwarf: Series 1, Disc 1) along with a DVD from Amazon I bought entitled Delinquent Daughters (I'll give a review later this week). So this was a get things done day? Get things resolved day? Get lots of movies in the mailbox day? Felt productive tho. Now we have to go buy the makin's for home made nachos and watch The Road with Viggo Mortensen.

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