Monday, May 31, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Editing

Completed a rough cut of Scene 57 of Rat Rod Rockers! Having trouble with a body impact. If I run it slow motion it looks more convincing, but trying to find the right sound for the hit has been difficult. Also the transition back to regular speed film seems a little jarring. I am also trying a stop on impact type body hit. Those work well with music and in fight sequences. This, however, is not a fight scene just a single impact, so more emphasis has to be made on the one hit. I am down to two more scene sets to cull and then lots of editing. We will see if I can get this rough cut by August (original rough cut projection date).

Also saw Iron Man 2 today. Very good film. I like how they are doing the Iron Man series a hundred times better than how The Hulk or Spiderman turned out on the big screen.

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