Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Comments To TMZ About Garage Magazne (For The Record)

Below is the e-mail comment I made in reply to TMZ when they asked me why I pulled our forthcoming ad campaigns from Garage Magazine for Rat Rod Rockers! How they knew I was getting the ads ready and then pulled them when I found out about the whole Jesse/Sandra thing I do not know. TMZ is sleuthy for sure!

Well news travels fast! Garage was recently purchased by Jesse James (whom I used to have a large amount of respect for). The guy really brought fabricators and that aspect of Kustom Kulture to the forefront of pop culture with his Discovery Channel TV shows. I had no idea Garage was still around or even had been purchased by James until a friend of mine said my most recent feature film "Hot Rod Girls Save The World" (on DVD) had received an excellent review in Garage, in fact a full 1/3rd of a page worth of a good review! So I picked one up and saw James had bought out the magazine. I had friends who were pin-up cover models on the old Garage Magazine years ago. It was a real lo-fi Hot Rod publication back then with pin-ups and good kustom kulture articles. The new Garage Magazine looked a bit Hollywoodish (with Carmen Electra on the cover) and like a mouthpiece for all things Jesse- but hey they gave my film a good review...ya know! Then I started talking to their ad rep about rates etc. and scheduling a small ad campaign for my next film Rat Rod Rockers! (due out summer 2010). Shortly thereafter a film maker friend told me via Twitter that James and Bullock were separated and James had slept with some stripper chick, yadda yadda yadda. Understand I don't pay much attention to the Entertainment News Crap on TV (no offense TMZ) so hadn't heard about any of this. I was pissed. Here's this guy who's work I have great respect for and this gal who is like the perfect girl next door/sweetheart/megastar and who just won the Academy Award and both appeared to have this great relationship (working class guy and princess- like Shrek ya know) and now it's this huge scandal in the making. I was angry- how could this guy blow it so bad! Like hitting a brick wall going 200 mph without even looking! I knew a shite storm was fast approaching, so I felt it was better for our company Go-Kustom Films to cut any and all potential ties with Garage Magazine and anything related to Jesse James. Look I am a family guy, believe in God, I have two kids and great wife and I really don't want my company affiliated with someone like him. Think of all those kids who were fans of his show Monster Garage. What do you tell them now- when they had looked up to this guy as a seriously cool role model? "Well Timmy he sure builds cool motorcycles but he just can't keep that Vanilla Gorilla in his pants." - D.A. Sebasstian (quote if you want)

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