Sunday, May 2, 2010

Studio Shake Up & Scene 54

Even with having the unfortunate news I am going to have to pack and move my A/V Studio I was able to get some editing dome on Rat Rod Rockers! Scene 54. I have slowly been packing up my studio and getting things ready to move next week. The reasons are hard to explain, other than we can not have personal Creative Spaces in our Arts School, or so we just found out. This will be a pain, but since I have such a small and modern set-up, will not be too hard to move. Not like the old days with giant consoles and racks of outboard gear. I can set up in any corner of a bedroom or living room. The Catch 242 is that this is the same gear that I also use to teach the kids before and after school music and film classes. So I will either have to buy several new computers and make a second A/V system for the school or just not teach the classes next fall.

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