Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving & File Backup

Text originally typed on my new Alphasmart NEO. Spent the last three days moving into our new apartment. Also had to move the major part of my studio. This is going to be awkward for awhile, since the apartment is still not setup for internet (will be shortly- gotta figure if we are going Comcast or Verizon again). In the meantime my internet access is at work. Also as we have been moving in, I took the down time to backup the Rat Rod Rockers! film files to DVD (101 discs- each take 20 minutes to burn and verify!). I do have tape backup of the film, but once you start editing you need the exact media files to match the edited points. When you dump from tape into a computer system start and stop times can be off which throw your edits off. The editing system is working with blocks of media and when recaptured even a few frames less in the media block can screw your scene up big time.
Also just got more pics of Hot od Heidi and Teri Aslett from Zombie Crush (husband and wife photo team) for Munster Style. They are excellent! This publication is gonna rock people!

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