Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Editing

Working on culling, reviewing and separating takes for various scenes of Rat Rod Rockers! Came across this great take of actress Ivy Sawdon, who plays Stephanie Milldue. The sun was so bright through the Hot Rod's windshield that it acted like a mirror and you actually can see Ivy's face perfectly clear in the shots. It is intermittent and a very very cool effect. Also today, Cinco de Mayo, I am 19 years sober! Can't believe I've been un-drunk and un-high for that long...time just moves along doesn't it?

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mtajudy said...

I re-read the blog, for one thing or another, and just caught the fact that you have been substance free for 19 years. I normally dont leave comments for you, however, this one warrants a response. YOU ROCK! CONGRATULATIONS!God bless you!
Okay, thats enough from me.Im sure you get the point!!