Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kustomized My Dano Baritone

I had this idea to kustomized my Danelectro Baritone (everybody keeps tellin' me I just can't leave anything the "way I bought it") when I realized (during a pick-up adjustment) that the pickguard is actually a clear plastic cover on top of a thin shiny plastic. I knew that if I could print out something cool on my inkjet printer, I would be able to sandwich the new art in between the two layers of plastic. I took the front end of the guitar apart and scanned the lower plastic piece to make a template. Then tried different images in Photoshop, settling on a scene from the Hot Rod Girls Save The World Comic book. Printed the new insert, cut it out and then put the whole thing back together. Viola- Kustom Baritone! This will work on any Dead On '67 Danelectro Guitar or Baritone.

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