Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Harold's Theme" & Sore Shoulders

Finished the basic scratch tracks for "Harold's Theme," for my upcoming film Rat Rod Rockers! I used a drum loop set from Beta Money's Blues Rock Series and then built up the guitars from there. Took about an hour of noodling to find a Peter Gunn style guitar line. I wanted something "spy like" as Harold is spying on the Mad Kats gang when you hear this theme. I used a Tele like Boss GT-3 guitar patch to get that low down digger sound. The Rat Rod Rockers! soundtrack is gonna be alot of fun to create.

Also ran hella errands yesterday and actually swam some laps at the YMCA. I had to call it after only seven laps! Man am I out of shape. Shoulders are a little sore today. Too much sittin' on my ass and looking at computer screens. Also took the dogs to the doggie beach with my wife and daughter. Funny how making your dog happy can make you a little happier too.

Watched "My Name Is Bruce" last night. Funny film. I dig Bruce Campbell. He's kinda like a bad ass Jim Carrey. Which actually brings us back to "Harold's Theme." Harold's character is patterned a little bit on Bruce.

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