Friday, August 21, 2009

Morning Rant (Reconstructed From Tweets)

Its a chilly day in Seattle. So I wake up this morning praying I can get the house location just down the street! We found one farm house (key for Rat Rod Rockers!) miles away in Skykomish. Then I remembered there was a cabin/farm house right down the street from my own house! It's abandon and up for sale. I called the agent yesterday. I still need a drag race location. We could do it on an abandon street- but I'd rather do it at a real drag strip. We don't ned a X-Mas Tree. In Hot Rod Girls Save The World, the guys in the opening sequence were actually street racing between two warehouses. If people knew what went into that film I'd win the Academy Award for "most work on an el cheepo film." 5 years! Details! Anywhere, Washington became such a complete world.

We also need one warehouse location. We have the exterior set. Amazing how many film locations you can find within a 5 mile radius of your home. We shoot guerrilla style. If you stay on private property (with the owners permission) you don't need to bother with film permits. We had a hell of a time with City Of Seattle back in 2004. We wanted to shoot one 15 min. scene on a sidewalk. We had to be bonded, hire police, etc. etc. I made a creative decision and moved the scene inside a club. Then snuck around to their (on property) sidewalk for the bloody patron in the street scene. I paid the club owner $175 and gave them mention in the films end credits. Many people with do things for you if they give them an end credit. Your films end credits can be bartered like a TV commercial or small advertisement. Some companies with trucks that have logos and phone numbers will oblige you just to get their phone number on screen. Don't be a whore...but get what you need to make the film. Old story...but PI creator Darren Aronofsky made his budget by giving end credits to all financial contributors. Even $50-$!00 contributors. I got permission to use Jones Soda & Car Kulture Deluxe magazines as prop in Hot Rod Girls Save The World by giving both companies full 8 second screen shots right before the rolling credits. It works.

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