Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rat Rod Rockers! Screenplay & Props

A hot one today in Seattle. Not scorching, but hot enough in my garage studio. Finished the screenplay for Rat Rod Rockers! yesterday and proofed it today. Pretty decent. Sent it off electronically to The Library Of Congress and will e-mail copies to the actors tomorrow. I also ordered two police uniforms and hand cuffs for the film yesterday. Dug out all my old prop guns and starter pistols to repaint and get ready for next months filming. Also found and painted a plastic box to be used as a money box in rat Rod Rockers! I painted it to look a little weathered. Still needs some work. Gonna leave it outside for a few weeks and rub some real dirt into the grain. See above pics. I still need to secure all locations and set the shooting schedule for next month. Hopefully we can get all principle filming done by October.

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