Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot Rod Girls Save The World Directors Statement (1500 Characters)

Hot Rod Girls Saves The World is my first feature length work and the first Hot Rod movie (to my knowledge) in the last 20 years. The Hot Rods in this film were built by real gearheads in their backyards and shops. I have tried to create a complete world where aliens from the planet Moosa Maa collide with a small town steeped in Hot Rods and Kustom Kulture. The New versus Old. Yin and Yang. My film making style is influenced by late 50’s B&W TV, Campy B-Movies, Car Chase Films, grainy 16mm Art House Films and the work of Directors David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Stanley Kubrick and Russ Meyer. I firmly believe in the Punk Rock D.I.Y. creative ethos and apply that to all my endeavors (music, film, art, writing and sculpture). I also feel that finding your own voice in your art and film making is more important than trying to emulate the latest trend or Hollywood Blockbuster. I hate Hollywood Politics, Movie Stardom and anything that detracts from creativity in film. I also am actively working to build the Northwest and Seattle film communities. I have an extensive background in music production as a signed recording artist, producer and Record Label owner and bring those elements to my film making. I taught myself to film by starting a weekly magazine style TV show called Go-Kustom TV that was very successful and aired in the Greater Seattle area on Public Access for 4 seasons. Look for our next film Rat Rod Rockers! early 2010!

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