Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Still For IndieFlix

I need to pic one still to represent Hot Rod Girls Save The World on Which should it be and why?
My thoughts. The top pic of the affected zombie attacking a gang member in front of his '33 Plymouth is one of the most action driven parts of Hot Rod Girls. It also shows that not all teh film is Black & White. 1/3rd of the film is actually in color.
The middle picture of Betty Petty's long legs standing next to her Hot Rod has a "Hot Rod Sex Appeal" to it.
The bottom picture of Betty in her '29 Ford is a little ominous and shows a "Hot Rod Girl" in her ride.


Bane said...

I would have to go for the 3rd pic, that hot rod is just too damn sweet!

Amanda and SuperAmanda™ said...

3rd pic straight up!

-L said...

Third pic as well. Second pic would work w/the background car removed.